Where Do Bagels Come From?

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    Many historians have weighed in on Where Did Bagels Originally Come From? Many believe the NY Bagels we love today originated in Poland as early as the 14th century. As the theory goes, immigrants from Germany were moving into Poland, and with them they brought their delicious soft German pretzels. These pretzels were big, a little hard on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. Many believe the German breads morphed into a round roll with a hole in the middle that came to be known in Poland as an obwarzanek. Obwarzanek is the original name of the Bagel. Around the same time Germans were making their way to Poland, so too were a good number of Jews, which is where Jewish ancestors would have gotten involved. The bagel as Jewish food really came of age during the era of Polish history known as the “Nobles’ Democracy.” Poland was known for their tolerance, acceptance, education, and understanding of all ethnic and religious backgrounds. Poland’s unique environment at that time gave Jewish people the opportunity to bake, and then sell, bread — of which bagels were an integral part. When times were very tough in Poland, many poor Jews (and note that poverty was the way of life for most Polish Jews) turned to selling bagels on the street as a last resort, a way to earn a few pennies when there was no other way available. Bagels have always been there for all people regardless of race, religious beliefs or financial stature. NY Bagels are great for the happy fun times or during difficult times in our in life. Whether it is a financial hardship, or being there for a funeral or wake. Bagels are the ultimate comfort food.  Fast forward to today, and Bagels are still the ultimate comfort food. NY Bagels have taken over Donuts in popularity. Today New Yorkers and Bagel lovers from around the country come to BagelBiz.com to have FRESH Vacuumed Sealed NY Bagels shipped to themselves, friends, clients, and family members nationwide.

   Learn more about where bagels were invented, Check out this great article on TheAtlantic.com written by ARI WEINZWEIG co-founder of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is also the author of Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating

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Tim Fleming

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