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 Flagels – The Original Flat Bagel

Pronounced (flay-gul) – Are NY Flagels – Flat Bagels? YES! Many ask if there’s any difference within the ingredients between Bagelbiz.com Famous New York bagels and Flagels? The answer is NO! Flagels actually make a great substitute for regular bagels for those super hungry NY Bagel lovers since there are less calories in a Flagel. So if you love bagels, but don’t want all the extra calories than flagels are for YOU! Flat Bagels also leave more room for cream cheese, lox or anything you want on your BagelBiz.com Flagel sandwich! Since our Bagels are the best New York Bagels than naturally our BagelBiz.com Flagel are the best. As Always FREE Shipping on Flagels – Flat Bagels Delivered Nationwide Shipped From New York’s Best Bagels – Bagelbiz.com

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